Yoga Nook Family

Alexa Rivera

Lead Trainer, E-RYT-500, Raja Yoga Teacher, Laughter Leader

Alexa enjoys teaching and introducing people to yoga. Her wish is to share with her students the practice of yoga whether it’s on a mat, sitting in a chair or laughing in hopes that it can bring a sense of joy and peace in their lives as it has done for her and they in turn can spread that joy and peace with others.

“To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders”. – Lao Tzu

Alex Botero

Founder, E-RYT-500, Meditation Teacher, RCYT, Y12SR

Alex’s practice has become a life journey and a path to personal transformation. She believes that everyone’s journey into yoga is unique but can be shared as a way to recognize our common humanity.

For Alex, holding the space for her students to explore and experience the unfolding of their personal practice is the most gratifying aspect of teaching.

Haruko Corso

RYT-200, Prenatal Teacher

Every time Haruko steps on the mat and takes a journey inward, she discovers something new and different about herself. She truly appreciates the guidance she receives from the inner self, dedicated teachers, and ancient wisdom.

Her mission is to share the benefits of yoga with others and be a part of the caring and supportive community. She would like students to feel the harmony between the body and mind through mindful breaths and movements in class.

Karen Babcock


Karen has enjoyed teaching yoga since 2005. The practice of yoga led Karen to evolve into a calmer, self-loving, compassionate, and relaxed version of herself and is passionate about sharing that gift with others. On a physical level, yoga has helped her through several injuries, surgeries, and bouts of depression.

Karen acknowledges that each person is different and unique in their respective way. Guided by a strong sense of interconnectedness, Karen makes an effort to honor, offer compassion, and work to understand every individual’s needs to make yoga safe and accessible. Her firm belief that yoga is for everybody is evident in her teaching and approach.

ChaKeita Dickson


Asana, pranayama, and meditation are a staple in ChaKeita’s life and have been pivotal in a continued journey of self-love. Yoga has been key to unlocking joy and embracing life. Taking yoga from the mat to daily life has been rewarding and ever humbling.

One of ChaKeita’s favorite quotes is by Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” A wonderful reminder that wherever we are on our journey is exactly where we should be, the rest will fall in place!

Marissa Thompson

RYT-200, Acro Revolution Teacher

Marissa started practicing yoga in 2011 as an effort to involve more movement & balance in her life. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling journey. Becoming a member of the Yoga Nook inspired her to learn about yoga beyond it’s physical aspects