Special Events


Intro to Pilates

In Studio Exclusive Event: Limited Spots Available Thursdays 7pm – 8pm January 20th – February 10th

Pilates is a mind/body exercise that strengthens and lengthens the muscles, focusing on core strength, fluidity, stability, control and breathwork. With regular practice, Pilates improves posture, balance, movement efficiency, lung capacity, mind/body connection, body awareness and stability while reducing the chance of clumsy injuries.

Pilates certified instructor Karen Babcock has been teaching Pilates since 2006.

Teacher Community Circle

In Studio Exclusive Event: Limited Spots Available Saturdays 12:30p-2p 1/29, 2/26, 3/26

A Collection of teachers coming together for support and continuing education

In a world where the yoga community can feel ruthless, let’s come together as a community of teachers, with mutual support and continuing education. 1.5 CEUs available

January 29th Topic: What are you missing?

The early years of teaching can be very introspective. Confidence fluctuates and the effort seems immense at times.  Heightened introspection can leave us missing important cues from our students. What are you missing?

  1. Develop the “teacher’s eye”
  2. Learn to modify mid-stream
  3. How to get your class to embrace your learning curves
  4. Receive tips on learning from your students

Reiki & Restorative Yoga

In Studio Exclusive Event: Limited Spots Available Sunday 4pm-5:30pm February 20th

Experience the power of Restorative Yoga & Reiki Clearing.

Join us for a beautiful Restorative Yoga class that adds the healing power of Reiki. This powerful combination can deepen the relaxation of mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Denise will lead you through classic restorative yoga poses to create gentle openings, which bring the body back to its natural alignment. You will be fully supported in each pose, allowing the muscles to relax and open while encouraging the release of stress, anxiety, and toxins that can cause illness.

The Healing Touch of Reiki

While in these poses Karen, a certified Reiki practitioner, will share the healing touch of Reiki with each student. Reiki is a form of energy therapy that enhances the natural healing system of the body and creates relaxation and a sense of well-being. During Reiki, the brain goes into an alpha state similar to that experience during meditation or right before falling asleep. It has also been shown to relieve both chronic and acute pain, ease depression and anxiety, and increase the white blood cell count, which gives the immune system a boost.

The combination of Restorative Yoga and Reiki Healing provides a night of powerful healing and beautiful relaxation. Experience it for yourself.

The Wisdom of Ayurveda

In Studio & Virtual Workshop Limited Spots Available In Studio Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm March 23rd – April 13th

Discover how to weave Ayurveda into your practice and daily life. The practice of Ayurveda teaches us how to find harmony in our energies and nature.

In this 4 week series, we will dive into the doshas, discuss how our unique make-up of the elements affect our daily rhythms, and walk away with tips to integrate into our practice and lives.

Certified teachers will receive 4 CEU hours for this course with Yoga Alliance.

Karma Classes – Our Gift to You

Stress Reduction Series

In Studio & Virtual Monthly on Sunday 4pm – 5pm Dates: January 23rd February 27th March 27th

Yoga Nook is opening doors and hearts with free community yoga. Join Haruko for this monthly stress reduction series.

Yoga is a proven method that gradually transform many dimensions of our lives. The class incorporates yoga postures, gentle movements, breath work, and guided relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety. Let’s breathe, relax, and center ourselves together!

All levels are welcome to attend. Cash donations accepted day of the class. Donations may also be made here thru PayPal.

Laughter Yoga

In Studio Only Quarterly on Sunday 4pm – 5pm Dates: 1/16, 4/10, 7/10, 10/9

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour”! – Charles Dickens

Are you stuck in a laughter rut?  Join Alexa Devi for some Laughter Yoga and exercise those laughter muscles! Get your pranayama on while laughing and feel that immediate blissful relaxed state.  Through games played in a group setting, we bring out that child-like playfulness that is often lost when we mature into adulthood.   It may feel strange in the beginning, but all it takes is the willingness to try!  A popular saying in laughter yoga is “Fake it, until you make it!”  In other words, your laughter may start off as fake, but eventually it turns to real laughter and the body doesn’t know the difference!  When we laugh, we relax! 

All levels are welcome to attend. Cash donations accepted day of the class. Donations may also be made here thru PayPal.

StretchLab Greenbrier Pop Up Sessions

In Studio Only 4 Events on Friday Noon – 4pm Dates: 1/14, 1/28, 2/11, 2/18

We are excited to partner with StretchLab before their Grand Opening in Greenbrier this Spring!

StretchLab’s team of highly trained Flexologists® will give you a deeper stretch than you could ever achieve on your own. Benefits include:

  • Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility
  • Reduction in Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Improves Posture
  • Reduces Stress

This is the perfect compliment to your yoga practice! Contact us to request your spot for a 15 minute complimentary session,

Loved the classes and the people are great. Very peaceful place.

— Debbie

Spoke with Denise, the Yoga Nook studio owner, directly regarding the virtual classes offered. She was so nice and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed my first virtual class, Yin yoga. I look forward to taking more classes

— Marie