Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines

·         Waivers:  The liability waiver has been updated.  The new waiver has added verbiage to accept your risk of exposure when taking classes in the studio and that we will be streaming/recording in classes.  Every student will need to sign the new waiver.  We have updated Tula with an electronic waiver that will be available when purchasing new passes and registering for classes.

·         Classes:  We will be offering both in-studio and virtual classes.  All of our studio classes will be streamed thru Zoom.  We will also be offering a few classes thru Zoom only, such as Prenatal, Restorative, and Yin.  This is a protective measure for our mommies-to-be as well as give students the opportunity to practice at home if they choose.

·         Class Size:  All in-studio classes are currently limited to 10 students and the teacher.  There is no restriction to the number of people who may attend virtually. Certain classes and workshops may have a higher number of in-studio students depending on the practice, teacher, and student comfort.

·         Registration:  Please register for all classes prior to attending.  Class size for in-studio classes are limited.  Once the limit has been reached, students may be wait listed. If someone deregisters, you will receive an email notification. Please do not register for in-studio classes unless you are attending.  If you are a no-show, no refund will be offered. If you register for a class and find out you will not be able to attend, you should deregister thru the calendar to give other students the opportunity to attend.

·         Prior to Attending In-Studio Classes:  Please take your temperature before attending class.  If your temperature is above 100 degrees or if you are otherwise feeling unwell, please stay home.  You can register for the online class for your practice.

·         Reception Area:  We are limiting the number of people in the reception area – only 2 students and the teacher. This is to help prevent crowding as we come into and out of class.  Once someone goes into the studio or leave, another person can enter the area.

·         Traffic:  Signs are posted on the doors to the studio for entry and exit.  Entry to the studio will be from the reception area only.  Exit by the restroom.  This is to help with traffic and people coming in and out of doorways.

·         Masks:  We ask that all students wear masks when entering the reception area.  Masks are optional during your practice. 

·         Hand Sanitation:  We have hand sanitizers available to you, both in the reception area and on the shelves by the blocks.  We ask for all students to use them before entering the studio and during practice as needed.  

·         Props:  We will be offering chairs, blocks, bolsters, and straps.  You will need to bring your own mat.  Also, we invite you to bring any props from home that would support you in your practice, such as blankets.

·         Prop Safety:  We have a cleaner on the shelves that should be used on props prior to returning them to the shelf. We also have pillowcases to cover bolsters.

We will be reviewing our classes periodically.  As we go thru the next few months, there may be adjustments to schedule based on class attendance and student feedback.  If there are specific classes or time frames that you would like to see, please reach out to your teacher or send us an email at yoganookva@gmail.com.

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