LV.TT Testimonials

Here what students have to say about Yoga Nook’s Living Yoga & Teacher Training Program…..

ChaKeita D.

The teacher training was in depth and challenging, in a positive way. Both instructors where highly experienced in all aspects of yoga and extremely knowledgeable. The integration of yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama, anatomy and meditation ensured we remained true to the intent of yoga and were prepared to instruct with integrity. Also adding in the business of yoga, assisting in each student identifying our specific niche before the end of the program. All around excellent program.

Gemini J.

This was an amazing program from beginning to finish. Alex and her team are not only skilled and compassionate teachers they continue to practice as students as well. Their love and passion for Yoga shines through in the instruction. The studio itself is warming and kind, each person you come in contact with inviting. I am grateful for this life changing experience, new friends that have become family and my new ability to share my love of yoga with others. Thank you Alex, Denise and the Yoga Nook Family! Namaste

Eddie S.

Alex, is a very passionate teacher that loves sharing her love of yoga and life in general. I cannot wait to work with her in the future and continue to learn and share my knowledge with others. I am so happy that I chose the Chesapeake Yoga Nook for my training it is hands down one of the most welcoming, inclusive studios that I’ve been to.

Dianne M.

The training at Yoga Nook was thorough. We covered the 8 limbs of Yoga as well as anatomy and philosophy. We started teaching and learning asana day one and graduation weekend we were still teaching to our peers, teachers and guest a one hour class. The training at Yoga Nook has prepared me to not only teach a Foundation Class, but we explored Vinyasa, Chair, Restorative and Yin with emphasis on safety and alignment. This training is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. I have so much that I want to share with others because of this.

Kaylee S.

The 200 Hour Teacher training course changed my life! I have wanted to take the teacher course the last 5 years and finally felt that this was the right space and time for me to make my investment. They had us start instructing the co-students on Day 1 which gave me time to build my confidence to start teaching right after training was over. I can now incorporate my learning in my own business as a Life Coach with more clarity and knowledge in areas of Poses, Meditation & Philosophy. This was more than a course, it was an experience and I am forever positively changed. Thank you!

Brianna B.

The teacher training has truly changed my life in more positive ways than I think I even realize today. Initially I was motivated to take the teacher training to improve my own practice and increase my understanding of yogic philosophy. I knew I wanted to teach but figured that it would be something I did a few years down the road. In the first day of class I became aware that I really did want to teach. I have developed a passion for yoga since that first class not quite two years ago, that has increased through the knowledge gained in teacher training. I want to share this passion and now feel confident with the foundation of this training that I can share.

Jeff B.

I chose Yoga Nook because it was not just about poses but promised to also address the philosophy of yoga, pranayama, and meditation and how it all works together as yoga. It is a lot of information to take in and it will take a lifetime of study to gain any expertise but this course was everything I expected. I have learned how to teach proper alignment and safety in a large number of the most common poses, detailed anatomy directly related to these same yoga poses, how to sequence several levels of typical Vinyasa classes, proper breathing, chakras, bandhas, the 8 limbs and meditation. Now I can bring this learning in a supportive and balanced way to my future students.