Class Descriptions


Class Level: All Levels including Pre/Post Natal
Explore and refine your practice through awareness of alignment and breath. You will be lead through a mindful foundational practice which will include standing, balancing, and seated poses.

Rise & Stretch

Class Level: All Levels from beginner to advanced
An inspiring 60 minutes of gentle movement and stretching to wake up and balance. The class will end with calming poses and a gratifying savasana to get your mind and body ready for the day.


Class Level: All Levels including Pre/Post Natal
An appropriate class for those with some physical limitations, recovering from injuries or looking to explore a different modality of yoga. Using a chair as an extension of our body, we will explore a variety of seated, standing and floor postures, breathing techniques and end with deep relaxation.

All Level Classes

Flow & Energize

Class Level: All Levels – from beginners to advanced
An all-levels flow class that integrates movement and breath to explore the energy in our bodies today. The focus is on calm and even breath, while moving into poses with ease. Followed by supportive floor postures to release tension and enhance overall well-being.

Flow & Restore

Class level: All Levels – from beginners to advanced
An all-levels flow class exploring movements linked with the breath to release tension and open up your body. Followed by supportive floor postures with a guided meditation or pranayama practice to relax the mind and rejuvenate.


Our prenatal, foundational and restorative classes offer a space for pregnant women to engage in safe physical activity and to reduce mental stress. Our classes focus on alignment, flexibility, balance and joint health. Through traditional poses, core strength is developed to support a healthy pregnancy. Focused breathing and deep relaxation help prepare the body and mind for birth and postpartum. We offer modifications to meet the needs of our soon to be moms and provide them with the support they need to maintain a healthy practice.


Class Level: All levels including Pre/Post Natal
A soothing and restorative class with focus on mind-body awareness. We include deep breathing, seated and reclined poses, and end with deep relaxation. Props are used throughout class to support your body and bring you into a calm, relaxed state.


Class Level: All levels including Pre/Post Natal
This class will stimulate the deep connective tissues of the body, such as, ligaments, bones, and joints. By generating internal heat; we improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Most poses will be seated or lying down. Props are used throughout class to support you in your poses.

Karma Yoga

Enjoy a $5 donation based class taught by one of our teacher training graduates. Each Saturday a different teacher will guide you through a sequence of their choice. Please check our schedule for the type of class being offered. Offered special times of the year.

Meditation Circles

Guided Meditation for Everyone
By familiarizing our mind with a calming and relaxing state we can experience a balanced and healthier life. Learn to calm your body and mind as we explore the tranquil and restorative space of meditation and breath work. Learn tools to create a daily practice that will support your well-being for the rest of your life.

Healing Circles

Join us as we share how yoga practices can help you reconnect with yourself, balance your energies, and heal. In this inclusive space, you are invited to explore your inner world, share stories and wisdom, and connect to a loving community. Each week, we will discuss a different topic, share stories, and connect with the energies in our body for healing.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes


Class Level: Advanced beginner to seasoned practitioner
In this vinyasa (flow) class, we warm and strengthen the body while building awareness through proper alignment and breathing. We incorporate standing, balancing, twisting, mild backbends and inversions

Prana Vinyasa

Class Level: Some Vinyasa (flow) experience helpful
In this dynamic vinyasa class, we access prana (life force) to cultivate a deeper sense of integration within our body and mind. We offer many options and modifications.

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