Exploration of the Self, By the Self, Thru the Self

Denise has been a student of yoga since high school. She finds inspiration for her practice everywhere – from the sound of rain to practicing in nature to playing with her nieces to her cats’ antics.

5 Ideas for a Daily Yoga Practice with Tapas

Tapas has become one of my favorite niyamas. Tapas is often translated traditionally as ‘austerity’ or ‘discipline’. In this sense, Tapas can mean cultivating a sense of self-discipline, passion and courage in order to burn away ‘impurities’ physically, mentally and emotionally, and paving the way to our true greatness. Discipline is a tool that helpsContinue reading “5 Ideas for a Daily Yoga Practice with Tapas”

National Yoga Month

Happy National Yoga Month! Yoga has been a part of my life, in one way or another, since I was in high school.  I started a breathing and meditation practice without even realizing that I was practicing yoga!  What I found is that just taking a few minutes, I was able to take a stepContinue reading “National Yoga Month”

Seeds of Weeds

Mindfulness is a topic that has started to bubble up quite a bit over the couple of years.  It’s a word that means something different to each person, which can make it hard to define. When I think of mindfulness, these are some of the questions that come to mind – Are we aware ofContinue reading “Seeds of Weeds”

Mid-Life Reset

A friend of mine used a similar phrase a couple of weeks ago, mid-life network, during a conversation about empowerment and transformation.   It really got me thinking, and this thought came to mind. Mid-Life Reset.  What an interested phrase.  Mid-Life Reset.  A phrase that opens up possibilities.  Mid-Life Rest. As I enter that mid-life phase,Continue reading “Mid-Life Reset”

Working Thru Change

I was trying to calm my mind with so many thoughts going thru my head earlier today.  Since I haven’t gone thru my personal newsletters in a while, I decided to read some of the inspirational/motivational ones I get.  I came across a blog from one of my teachers and friends in Georgia.  A line struck me. Continue reading “Working Thru Change”


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