Daily Reminders and Reflections

A few months ago, I was talking to a group about daily practices. We were sharing tips of what we did to remain grounded, connect with ourselves, or even bring awareness to what is going on around us.

They shared that they had expanded their gratitude practice to include other things. It was a reminder to appreciate things about themselves and their own gifts. Each day, they wrote down what they were Proud of, Grateful for, Desire, and Love about themselves. Each of these was kept very personal.

I decided to try this practice, and found it difficult at first. There’s a lot of things that come to mind – I’m proud of my nieces when they try something new, grateful for my family, love the changing of leaves with the coming of fall. But keeping it just about me? That felt a little selfish.

I sat with this for while, and then a thought bubbled up for me. This practice is another way to study ourselves. Svadhyaya teaches us that self-reflection helps us discover the seeds of certain thoughts, our reactions, and where we are in the moment. It’s a step to support us as we step back into the seat of the observer.

As we go into this season of gratitude, a season of family, a season of reflection, and a season of renewal, I look back at the past year and remember each of us is a divine being – complete and whole as we are. I’d like to share with you some of my reminders.

Proud: I’m proud that I continue to explore the teachings of yoga and share these practices with others. I continue to learn, discover how the nuisances of these teachings can influence our lives, and support us as we connect with our inner selves and the present moment.

Grateful: I’m grateful for the relationships I have and continue to build in the community. I’m grateful for the amazing group of ladies who teach at the studio. Each of them bring a unique perspective to the practice and make us stronger. I’m grateful for the students who continue to support us and who have joined our community. They inspire me to continue learning and growing.

Desire: I desire to support students as they find at least one more of connection on the mat. One moment of awareness. One moment of calm and piece of mind. Our bodies, minds, emotions, energies, and spirits are all connected. Through our practice, we can find harmony between all of these bodies for wholeness of self.

Love: I love that I have found the courage and strength to take more steps in the past couple of years to speaking my truth. I look back at my experiences and can see how they’ve influenced my thoughts, emotions, practices, and teachings. I hope to continue to speak from my inner light and truth as I share with others.

These prompts are a way to celebrate the people that we are, our achievements, and our hopes for the future. I invite you to think about these prompts. Do they give you a new perspective on your practice? Do they give you a new way of viewing the world? Viewing yourself?

As we head into this holiday season, I desire for each of you to enjoy your family, appreciate the little things, and celebrate yourself.

Many Blessings

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