Seeds of Weeds

Mindfulness is a topic that has started to bubble up quite a bit over the couple of years.  It’s a word that means something different to each person, which can make it hard to define.

When I think of mindfulness, these are some of the questions that come to mind –

  • Are we aware of how we move? 
  • Are we aware of how we feel?
  • Are we aware of our reactions?

When we start asking these questions, we can start to identify the what.  The next step would be understanding the “where”.  By where, I mean the source of the movement, feeling, reaction, etc. 

After we determine where it’s coming from, we can then explore the most important thing – the “how”.  Is it a positive influence?  Something that brings us down?  Empowers us?  Drags us down?  The “how” can influence us in ways that is not always easily seen.

When I mediate about these questions, an image of a garden comes to mind.  Thoughts and actions that help bring me up show up as various flowers in my garden.  They can be at various stages, from buds to blooming.

Thoughts that are discouraging, bring me down, or create stress can show up as weeds.  By asking questions, we can discover the “seeds” of these weeds and start to create ways to dig them up and remove them from our minds.

Thought – how are we maintain our garden and removing the weeds?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings

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