Mid-Life Reset

A friend of mine used a similar phrase a couple of weeks ago, mid-life network, during a conversation about empowerment and transformation.   It really got me thinking, and this thought came to mind.

Mid-Life Reset.  What an interested phrase.  Mid-Life Reset.  A phrase that opens up possibilities.  Mid-Life Rest.

As I enter that mid-life phase, there are times when I think about the things that I used to do in my asana practice.  Some of which I don’t anymore.  Balance used to come easily.  I could bounce back quicker from injury.  I used to have more energy.  I didn’t need to have as much sleep.

Then, my mind shifts.  In the last several years, I found myself creating a new relationship with my asana practice.  Before, I approached my practice with the intention of finding the perfect pose.  Now, I look at my practice as a way of understanding what’s possible that day.  I began to explore movement as a way to learn about how I am changing.  There is not perfect pose – only the perfect pose for today.

That’s where I started to fall in love with my practice again.  I found joy as I just let go and be in the moment instead of trying to meet a goal.

Mid-Life Reset.  Connection.  Present in the Moment.  Acceptance.

That’s what I’ve learned from mat, and why I keep coming back.  I invite you to share how your practice has evolved and what keeps bring you back.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings

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