Working Thru Change

I was trying to calm my mind with so many thoughts going thru my head earlier today.  Since I haven’t gone thru my personal newsletters in a while, I decided to read some of the inspirational/motivational ones I get.  I came across a blog from one of my teachers and friends in Georgia.  A line struck me. 

“I can definitely exist by playing safe and doing what always seemed to work in the past but nothing changes or grows in doing so.”

Very striking in light of everything that is going on.  A lot of changes happening – in the community, in our jobs, in our families, and even in the studio.  Each of us handle change in a different way.  Some may fight it.  Some may change with resistance, grumbling along the way.  Some may sit back and watch how others handle it before making a decision.  Others may embrace the change and work to make it work for them.

Change is hard, no matter where we fall on the spectrum.  I know I’ve been all over the spectrum at different times.  During any change, we not only have to take an action, we should also take time to grieve over what may be lost.  Svadhyaya, one of the five Niyamas, teaches us to notice and understand our emotions and triggers which can help us work thru the grief and sadness that comes with change. 

We are in a time of change.  No one knows what this change can bring.  No one knows where we may end up.  I’m hopeful that once we come to the other side, we will be stronger and better for what we are experiencing now.  I’m grateful that we have a community that is strong and supportive of each other. 

Thank you & Many Blessings

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