Sacral Chakra as Your “Inner Child”

The last few weeks have been full of joy as I spent time with my nieces.  Their laughter was contagious as they played with a new puppy, helped out on the farm, and danced around in their Halloween costumes for different events.  I loved watching their freedom to move from moment to moment.

This feeling was one that quickly translated to the mat for me, which got me working with my sacral chakra.  Typically, we think of the sacral chakra as one that relates to creativity and sexual energy.  It also relates to our inner urges and instincts.  I think of it as my “inner child”.  As children, we move with ease, without thought, and with joy in the way we need at the moment.  Our mats can also be a safe space to let our inner child out.

My nieces were my inspiration on the mat this month.  Instead of practicing, I was playing on my mat with poses I find expressed my inner self – such as Plow, Frog, Deer, Gate, Boat, Balancing Half Moon, and Wild Thing.  As you go to your mat, I invite you to talk to your inner child.  How does s/he feel?  What movements/poses are calling to you?  Find the joy in your practice and express yourself.

Many Blessings

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